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Hope Alive Group Therapy involves a team of trained and experienced committed people to facilitate and sponsor each group.



Honest, Calmer

I am becoming more patient, kinder, honest, calmer and aware of my and other people’s feelings and I am learning to listen.


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Contact Hope Alive Australia


To find out more about Hope Alive Group Therapy or to apply for Hope Alive contact:


Hope Alive Australia

Telephone: 0406 628 356

Email us:


Applying for Hope Alive


To find out more about applying for Hope Alive view the Applying for Hope Alive Page




Head Office – Perth, Western Australia

Lyn Varty

Phone:  0406 628 356



Southwest Region Perth

Emma Wilkinson
Phone: 0406 375 265




Liz Preston

Phone: 0411 668 408



Debbie Cale-Clark

Phone: 0402 226 318




Riverina NSW/VIC

Maree Opdam
Phone: 0423 004 904


Dr Rosemary Farrell


International Office

Dr. Ney

Postal Address

Mount Joy College International Office

P.O. Box 27103

772 Goldstream Avenue

Victoria, B.C. Canada V9B 5S4

Phone: 00111 (250) 642-1848




Counsellors in Australia


Meet our Hope Alive Counsellors in Australia



Hope Alive International


Find out more about Hope Alive in Australia and International Offices





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