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Hope Alive Group Therapy involves a team of trained and experienced committed people to facilitate and sponsor each group.



I was highly anxious and constantly depressed

The Hope Alive Group Therapy program helped me understand my life from different perspectives that I would never have considered.


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Silent Grief DVDs


Miscarriage is common (1 in 4 pregnancies end in miscarriage in Australia).. Pregnancy loss also occurs in the situations of ectopic pregnancy, IVF, abortion (1 abortion occurs for every 3 live births in Australia), stillbirth and perinatal deaths (in Australia 2689 perinatal deaths were recorded). Unresolved pregnancy loss can have a profound impact on both men and women,  yet within our society it is often seen as a taboo subject. As a result untold numbers of mothers and fathers keep silent about their pain, guilt, shame and hurt. Some deny, dismiss or suppress their loss and grief and it is kept private and hidden. Many feel alone and unaware of how prevalent it is.


View the DVD's below to find out more. You may also be interested in our written testimonials.


Cat's Story - I didn't know I had the right to grieve

Cat shares how she didn't know she had the right to grieve after the loss of her 2 children through abortion. She also speaks about how the loss impacted her life and her relationship with her other children.




Joyce's story - Joyce kept pushing her grief down

Joyce has experience many pregnancy losses: 4 ectopic pregnancies; 3 natural miscarriages; and 6 miscarriages though IVF.  She just kept pushing her grief down as she didn't know she was allowed to grieve or even how to grieve.





Joanne's Story - Lost Angel at 22 weeks

Joanne had a premature labour and lost her daughter Angel, at 22 weeks gestation. This was followed by a relationship breakup and she packed her grief away for 19 years.







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