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Hope Alive Group Therapy involves a team of trained and experienced committed people to facilitate and sponsor each group.



I was detached from my emotions

"My life was out of control, miscarriage, stillbirth, abortion, neglect and abuse were all woven into the dark tapestry of my life.


Hope Alive allowed me to look at my life see the abuse and neglect and its effects."


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Hope Alive Group Therapy DVD

Due to childhood abuse and neglect, unresolved pregnancy losses, miscarriage, perinatal deaths, stillbirths, abortion, IVF our lives can never be the same - just like a broken down old clock our lives can never be brand new but it can be restored.


Just like a clock being restored, putting the pieces back together can take time. Yet for those who take the journey of putting their lives back together piece by piece, they begin to understand and make sense of their lives and in the process gathering skills and tools necessary for life.


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